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Wednesday May 1, 2013

Graham Hancock CENSORED: Who Did It, Why and What He Will Disclose at the Revelations Symposium

Graham Hancock was recently censored by the TED organization for daring to suggest in his recent TED Talk that consciousness was a mystery, not simply a side-effect of brain function. TED's censorship of Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake caused an international wave of angry protest from members of the public, TED members and scientists. Here, Graham describes just what happened, and why he believes that the whole paradigm that consciousness is only an effect of brain function is disintegrating.

Then Graham tells us more about what he's planning for the Revelations Symposium, which will now include a review of his evidence of just why consciousness is NOT just a side-effect of brain activity, but is a vast, immeasurably alive reality that we are just now beginning to understand. PLUS, he's going to reveal NEW findings about our lost past and attendees will be the first to hear about his planned sequel to the epochal Fingerprints of the Gods.

Visit Graham Hancock at GrahamHancock.com

Don't miss the Revelations Symposium in Nashville, May 17-19. To get tickets, email William Henry at whenrytn@earthlink.net or click here to buy them from the Unknowncountry.com store using your credit card or Paypal account. (If buying from the store, Unknowncountry.com subscribers use your coupon to get $25.00 off per ticket!)

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My favorite talk so far (on this site).

Yes...there is indeed consciousness.

I guess you have to be willing to admit it exists, or at least be open to it, before it can get you involved (in it).

People who don't want to do any self examination might be scarred off by the prospect that Jesus was on to something (even if the terminology of his time seems to have escaped the present Western man. ...Who seems dedicated to idolatry, ie. the pursuit of money above all else, as if it by it's mere existence, it can solve issues).

Scientists of today will be viewed as the whaling merchants of the past (and current times). A necessary evil (till we found a way around them).

William and Graham Hancock ...... I want to thank you both for this fabulous interview. There is so much information/insight in this program and what a wonderful opportunity you have given people, being able to attend the Revelations Symposium in Nashville in May.

Last week I watched an old STAR TREK called 'THE ENEMY WITHIN.' It was all about the two sides of humankind. Light and Dark and how it is necessary to have them both, thus, finding balance. There are several thought provoking statements in this episode..…..SPOCK finds he has the opportunity to observe the ROLES of GOOD and EVIL in a man.


While orbiting the planet Alfa 177, the U.S.S. Enterprise experiences a transporter malfunction when Technician Fisher is beamed up from the planet with some magnetic ore on his clothing. Scotty checks the transporter and finds nothing wrong, so Captain Kirk beams aboard. Kirk leaves with his officers and when the transporter room is deserted, a second Kirk materializes on the pad.

When a space animal is beamed aboard the starship and splits into two entities; one tame and one vicious, it is discovered that the same thing has happened to Kirk. While one Kirk is good and honorable, the other is evil and runs amok on his ship, committing violent acts, including the attempted assault of Yeoman Janice Rand.

Meanwhile, the transporter continued to split objects into two entities, thus forcing the remainder of the ship's landing party to remain on the planet's surface. Alfa 177's approaching night promises certain death from exposure and freezing temperatures to the unprotected landing party.

As time passes, the "good" Kirk is weakening, losing his ability to make decisions, while his "evil" half is dying. Neither Kirk can survive without his other half. Time is running out, not only for Captain Kirk, but for the landing party on the planet's surface.

I think the TED folks have it wrong--consciousness is primary and the brain is the externalized aspect of mind.

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