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Wednesday November 28, 2012

Google's Ingress: William Henry is Outraged

William Henry, Chad Steumke and Mark Gray are all deeply involved in the search for stargates and portals to other realities. Here, they discuss why they believe that Google's new game, Ingress, debases this quest by using it as the basis for conflict-centered game. The game trivializes a quest that has profoundly affected the lives of many people, including William, Chad and Mark, by reducing it to a conflict-soaked fictional narrative. At the same time, a significant amount of genuine information has been used in the game, creating the false impression that the search for stargates is in some way related to conflict, which it is not.

This hard-hitting discussion will also give you some powerful new insights into the nature of stargates and power places, most specifically how it is that they develop in new locations, and how architects, often unconsciously, identify with their presence in the monuments they create.

Google is almost certainly getting ideas for its game by mining the websites of people like Chad Stuemke, William Henry and Mark Gray, which William describes as "creepy." 

Will the game destroy people's ability to understand the power of portals, or will it inspire interest in them? We shall see.

Mark Gray's website is Cosmicdoorways.net
Chad Stuemke's website is Chadstuemke.com

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I wouldn't take this game to be negative in any way, the ideas will reach a lot of people especially the younger generations; the games will simplify and ideas embedded into alot of peoples minds. William, those involved in this research and line of thought are certainly going to be accredited from this when serious minds come seeking. The first time I ever heard of Stargate was in the movie with the same name, I would think that this is nothing different.

I second what Xevious says above. Once exposed, some will dive deeper into the subject. Fiction also 'greases the wheels' for further exploration - whereas slamming someone with a ton of dry facts might be unpalatable at first.

Exposure to such subjects through a game is better than not exposing the people to these subjects at all. Google regularly provides it's employees with talks that expose them to spiritual subjects - see here: Mindfulness at Google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nwwKbM_vJc

As such, I don't think they're the 'evil incarnate' they may appear to be.

Now if we could only say that about Halliburton or the Oil barons and sheiks :)

Have not listened to this show yet but am commenting on th c2c show on november 29 (which featured william) and I just have to say is that william's knowledge and insight in to so many things is phenomemenal- basically HE BLEW DOORS OPEN! we learned!

Curious to see how many people choose the enlightened side.

From where I'm sitting, as I view the history I've lived through, Go-Ogle's move is SADLY no different than what has taken place before. The dark-side powers that be, or whatever you want to label them, had their social engineers co-opt the 60-70's movement with, in part, the whole fake Patty Hearst deal. The women's movement was co-opted by the CIA, and so was the Peace movement... yeah, John Lennon was assassinated by a Manchurian Candidate. Martin Luther King was taken out by the alphabet soup agencies, and on and on it goes. Larry Pinkney of the original Black Panther movement, a fabulous man... can speak to this subject in a way most are able to grasp.

Every movement that is about AWARENESS, TRUTH, ENLIGHTENMENT, CREATING A PARADISE ON EARTH, has been co-opted, and the potential squashed. Yes, of course, a limited amount of the potential has been realized. However, it's highly LIMITED, imo and experience.

Hollywood or Hollowood as I now designate it, stole an author's material for the THE TERMINATOR and THE MATRIX ~ truthaboutmatrix.com ~ This is as I've come to understand it, standard operating procedure to a large degree. They like it, they steal it... unless you have the clout of a Stephen King.

What the answer is, I have no clue. Yes, of course, Ingress will help to awaken some. However, it's obviously being used to control and shutdown this kind of AWARENESS. And, really, submitting reports about a portal??? If the cosmic changes and energies we're experiencing are partly about new portals, then, hey, Go-Ogle has its own reporting system, doesn't it?

Look, if you do any in-depth research you'll discover Go-Ogle is just an NSA front. They've always been that, no matter how many spiritual lectures, or the pretense that they're an 'American Dream' type of company. It's all a facade. Yeah, co-opt the spiritually inclined, and have them serve your nefarious purpose. Gosh, that's been going on forever, as far as I can tell. I've certainly been duped by that strategy.

The only answer I know is to continue offering an authentic alternative.

Just distorting stargates into games of delusion & Illusion. If you follow your heart and not the distractions of delusion you will find your way.....

I understand William's anger over his concepts and ideas being ripped off by Google and used for a commercial product. The idea that a person could find a real portal through time and space with a so called smart phone is ridicules. Also the idea that a person's consciousness could be downloaded into a computer is is about the last thing a sovereign soul would want to do, trapped into an internal electronic prison. If Google thinks it can develop some kind of electronic technology to find these portals, then let them waste their time and money.

Now the only real danger with Google's project is if people actually tell them were the real star gates are located. Star gates or what ever you want to call them actually exist. They are as real a Heart Beat. Actually it is the feeling from the heart, not the mind that allows access to these portals of time and space. Have i ever experienced one of the portals, yes i have many times, the latest about 3 weeks ago. I know of about 7 of them, most now located in places were it is difficult to do a ceremony to access them, unless you sneak into the place in the middle of the night. The one i found a few months ago is in a fairly isolated area, only a few shamans go there. These portals or doorways into other realties are in very ancient ruins in the high Andean mountains. Would i tell anyone were they are, NO, absolutely not.

The main reason for keeping quiet about these wonderful locations is they soon come under control, and access to these sacred sites is restricted. If these places becomes know to the general population, then large tour buses start to show up at the site. Then government officials notice the influx of people. After a few months, many officials start to view this as a source of revenue, a large bulldozer comes on site, makes a parking lot for the buses and the new admission stand now collects money, for the curious folks to take some pictures. The actual portal location in the beautifully carved stone work is roped off. As usual it is the god of money that takes control of the place. The door is now closed.

If you study these locations, you can see that there is an enhancement of the natural energy that exists there, by the carved stones and placement of huge shaped stones. you have to be within a few centimeters of the center portal vortex to access it. I really believe only the soul can access this portal, although I think it may be possible for the actual physical body to be pulled through these portals, once the soul has accessed the portal. I say this because the newest sacred site i found, it has a very clear access to times long past as these ancient shamans worked at this site. At this portal, it only takes a few minutes of preparation and mediation to access the portal. I can watch these shamans entering and coming back out of the portal. It is not real clear if it is just a soul transferring through or they can take the physical body through too. More study needed before trying to copy what they are doing. They actually acknowledged my presence there, but go on with their ceremony. The builders of these sacred sites had a knowledge this present civilization can not conceive. Crazy, not really, these people viewed and understood their world much differently than people of this present time.

How do you find and access these portals, do like i did. I spent many years working with indigenous shamans, spending many weeks at a time, in remote sacred sites doing rituals. Learning how to meditate and soul journey outside of this time and space. You can learn to do shamanic journey methods in many places, many excellent teachers out there. Learn how to journey in the spirit worlds, how to quite the monkey mind, find that little inter door that opens to a much larger reality than this one, which we think that is all that is. You have a soul, energy body, light being inside this carcass, use IT, not some fool cell phone to find a star gate.

But these star gates, portals, or what ever you want to call them, are really cool place to study. Keep them mostly secret, and sacred so the god of money doesn't find them.

Right on Sangelika & Roy McLean ;) . Peter Coyote said the reason "they" drove Abbie Hoffman to his ruin was because Abbie printed the secrets of the underground social order, resulting in a) his becoming a visible target, rather than be invisible like the rest of the underground movement's members, becoming thereby indestructible due their invisible numbers, and b) giving away their secrets. PS: Don't forget: Facebook's in league with Google and their ilk, so don't post there what you don't want what the original Rosicrucians used to call "those away from the erudite" (ie "the rude") to know either ;) .

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