William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday October 17, 2012

Gaiamtv, an Extraordinary New TV Network

Jay Weidner has become the creative director of Gaiamtv, a new and well-funded alternative news and inspiration TV network. This new network is an extraordinary idea and well worth exploring. It offers a positive viewpoint on current affairs, and a vast amount of streaming video programming on almost every subject from meditation to the paranormal and everything in between. 

Gaiamtv is a project of the very highest quality, intended to provide an alternative to the relentless and disempowering negativity of the general media, with sensible, useful information and a commitment to truth that is simply no long available via conventional resources.

Gaiamtv.com is a beautiful new idea, with the same high level production values as the general media, but content that actually feeds your mind, heart and soul--not to mention your body, in the exciting wellness area.

To learn more, go to Gaiamtv.com/weidner. (You will not only do yourself a favor by checking it out, you'll let them know that the Revelations audience cares for what they are trying to do, so check it out today!)

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I really love the idea of this, but how many of us can afford one more subscription/service that we have to pay for?

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