William Henry's Revelations
Tuesday February 22, 2011

Egypt: the Future of the Secrets

Egypt expert Robert Bauval tells William Henry what is likely to happen to the precious ruins in Egypt, and discusses whether or not Islamist extremists are likely to destroy them if they gain power. And what is the future of Egyptian archaeology? If Zahi Hawass is deposed, will secrets be revealed, or will chaos overtake the archaeological quest to uncover the hidden mysteries of Egypt? The Egyptian revolution is not over. In fact, Egypt is functioning under an interim government appointed by Hosni Mubarak, and is still under emergency law. Political prisoners jailed over the past 30 years have not been released. The hated intelligence service is still powerful.

In all of this, the grandeur of the past remains, only partly revealed. Listen as a world-class expert tells us what is likely to be revealed. Robert Bauval's website is RobertBauval.co.uk.

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Excellent interview, the information about the current state of Egypt from other than typical news sources like that delivered by Robert Bauval here and the chilling account of their escape from Egypt by William Henry and his wife Claire on the Feb 2nd Revelations was intense.

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