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Wednesday March 6, 2013

The Fear Factor and How to Overcome It

Sonia Barrett's insights for dealing with the fear matrix is which we are trapped is cutting edge and supported by much scientific theory. For most people, the 2012 change didn't seem to happen. But we are, in fact, moving into a new era and change--some of it very dark--is all around us.

So how do we navigate these treacherous waters. Sonia has some powerful and effective ideas.

Sonia's GREAT website is Spiritinform.com.

Join Sonia at her workshop in Los Angeles April 6th and 7th. To find out more, click here.

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Perhaps it's the limited time of the interviews I've listened to with Sonia Barrett, but to me she speaks in wide generalities with no concrete examples or solutions. Many people, such as David Icke, talk about the 'matrix' we are in, but he gives real examples of how it works and how to avoid being drawn in. Maybe her books explain it more in detail, but I hear a lot of 'verbage' in this interview without real substance.
What I would like to hear more about from Ms. Barrett is her singing voice! I have read that she studied as a singer in Chicago, and I believe it was she I heard on a jazz recording where she sounded fantastic!

Perhaps if you went to her website as listed below the tagline for the interview?

I went to her site but it will cost 9.95 to subscribe, not getting my money to just see if she makes sense.

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