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Wednesday August 6, 2014

Esoteric Mysteries of George Washington

Was George Washington really an ascended being? Is facilitating ascension the true spiritual purpose of America?

If so, what has happened to this version of the American Dream?

In today's Revelations, William discusses some of the amazing beliefs about George Washington. Then, he gives a preview of his upcoming talk at the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution in London August 22-24, where he will be presenting along with Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggart, Dr. Peter Gariev and Dr. Amit Goswami.

William's presentation "The Unbound Human" documents the advances the Transhumanist's quest for immortality. Will humanity allow itself to be bound to a digital future? Is this the fulfillment of a long-term "ancient alien" plan? What can we do about it? Attend and join the discussion.

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William, this is what I think. You are moving forward to discover what you all ready know to be true.

Stay humble, prayerful and in-tune with the seen and unseen. Surely then, ALL will be given to you at this time for the unfolding/betterment of humankind during one of the most crucial time periods on our planet.

Thank you for ‘REVELATIONS.’ This is one way of reaching people when it feels like we are in the final stretch of life on our planet as we know it.

Also, thank you for giving people the opportunity to travel with YOU and CLARE; such wonderful and mystical destinations.

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