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Wednesday August 24, 2011

The Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone--Available Now

Revelations will repeat Jay Weidner's extraordinary interview for a second week. DO NOT MISS getting the free alchemical text Jay says is the finest ever written. Download it from ForgottenBooks.org. We can learn the deepest secrets of alchemy right now, and Jay Weidner guides us on the journey. Could it be that there were people in the past who created and drank the elixir of life and understood and used the philospher's stone?

Jay has had access to some of the world's most secret alchemical texts, and he believes that he has uncovered the secrets of a the ancient science that predates alchemy and became alchemy. He has discovered that the transformations of alchemy are actually very accessible, but hidden behind a wall of secrecy and complexity.

Listen as he strips away the myth and reveals the true simplicity of alchemical power, and how it can be achieved--which turs out to be possible and accessible.

Many people are doing it right now, and so can you.

Jay's website is JayWeidner.com. You can find his books and DVDs at Sacred Mysteries.com.

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I must tell you, I listen to your shows, and after a lot of them I think ~'he can't top that one', and time and again you do!
I've always heard, when you find something good, pass it on, and I am going to do my best to get this one out there!
Thank you ALL for you're efforts and accomplishments!
....And again I say...'can't top that one'.....I'M READY!

Interesting, highly unusual, compelling...I began reading 'The Book of Aquarius' last night. Do not skip through anything to get to the 'secret' of alchemy. Read all of it, even if it means occasional skimming through the text. I also recommend reading 'The Emerald Tablet of Thoth' as well, before reading 'The Book of Aquarius'. If you are one of those who have no interest in science and little-to no-knowledge of physics or chemistry, you might be left out in the cold on this one, but that does not mean you can't get there, just that it will take more time to grasp what is written in the 'The Book of Aquarius'. I hope to finish it and find time to back-track as well during the next week. Last night after reading several chapters of this book, I had some VERY vivid and strange dreams. Am I willing to try the secret of alchemy? When Whitley discussed several years ago the concept of knowledge>understanding>reconciliation, I feel he was speaking of the power of 3 and getting to a point of spiritual and physical alchemy on a personal level. This is very evident in 'The Book of Aquarius'. Stay tuned...

great show, now this is exciting! what a good read to rap you mind around. will take a while to digest this correctly.
will be interesting to follow up, though it is very time consuming to make this right.

What do you think of this one, Whitley? I read/skimmed The Book of Aquarius and that and the show reminded me in a way of themes you developed in The Omega Point. I also thought how it could be the foundation for the miracles performed by Jesus, and the resurrection of both Lazarus and himself.

I'm tempted to try making the substance, but I have this vague feeling that there's something missing in the recipe, like perhaps the real key to this knowledge was only passed by oral tradition in secret societies. It's like how a revered chef doesn't quite include every ingredient or technique in their signature recipes. Anyone else have this feeling, or am I just being too skeptical?

I really want to thank you guys for all that you do! I have the book, but I will start on it as soon as I finish David Wilcock's. I am 66, so I took chemistry in high school, and I'm hoping I can do the bench work needed. I must tell you that I worry about you guys, because there are people out there who will stop at nothing to shut you up. So I will keep you on my prayer list. Hugs!
Posted by Marsh in IA 04 Sept 2011

I have demonstrated the old method of making phosphorus doing something similar (a process discovered by an alchemist centuries ago). Of course, there was no saving the water driven off from the solid substance of the "ingrediant", only the calcining of the solids with charcoal and slaked lime. And yes, it produced phosphorus. Please read carefully about the calcining of the solids left over as he states (but IMHO not strongly enough) that the fumes that are initially given off are dangerous. Those are Phosphorus fumes, and will kill you if you breath them. An interesting experiment is to condense those fumes in cold water... you find white phosphorus, which after a few days in the sunlite (under water) will turn a reddish color.

I do believe that there is something to this, but as someone above mentioned, I feel that there is something missing. One thing that comes to mind are the very earliest science fiction movies, where life is created, i.e. Frankenstien... what is the one common factor of those movies? Lightning. Just a thought.


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