William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday May 18, 2011

Egypt: a New Direction

William Henry and Nikki Scully are teaming up to lead tours to Egypt this winter, and here they discuss the esoteric meaning of Egyptian alchemy and religion. When touring, they will be utilizing exclusive private visits to the sacred places in order to perform group ceremonial without big crowds. Here, they discuss the powerful reality and real meaning of the Egyptian gods and the power of the sacred science that the Egyptians used to access the vividly alive level of reality that they inhabit. We are in the process of relearning these ancient skills, and William Henry and Nikki Scully are at the absolute forefront in bringing this ancient science back to life. Fascinating, moving discussion!

Nikki Scully's website is ShamanicJourneys.com.
You can reach Nikki at 1-800-937-2991
For a FREE Anubis reading from Nikki, go to TheAnubisOracle.com

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Hello. What happened to the May 25 show, please?

Thank you, most sincerely for introducing me to the work of this wonderful woman.
Blessings, BB.

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