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Tuesday October 18, 2011

Egypt and the Power of Planetary Healing, Part 2

This week, listen to the second half of this beautiful and empowering two-week discussion between Nicki Scully and William Henry about the power of Egypt's temples, monuments and deities is itself filled with powerful energy. Both Nicki and William have led many groups to Egypt, and here they share their deep knowledge of its power with us. They have both made great strides in understanding how to connect with the energy that has been left behind there.

Nicki's new book Planetary Healing offers insights into how to activate yourself so that you can become part of the effort to enrich our planet and ourselves.

William Henry is leading another trip to Egypt in February, and it's selling fast, so if you're interested, go to William Henry.net to find out more about William's Stargate 2012 Event.

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Very interesting revelation - thankyou.

Egypt is certainly a mysterious place.

Connects with dragons? Who knows? However, Mr. Henry, how can a guest say such a thing and you let it pass without a question?

I consider myself an observer in life, within the world - but not of it. I have always felt this way, even in childhood. I struggle with the concept of time as a lineage, and have never understood it. I believe that consciousness is non-linear, and that we are all simply altered points of perceptions within this timeless awareness.

Seems like most guests are selling something. I dont like this much, and dont think it really helps to hear all of the contrivances that people come up with in order to get on the airwaves to hawk their wares.

I apologize to the owners, and will remove all postings. The book will not be mentioned again in any future potential posting on this site. But, your evaluation of me is incorrect. A PDF version of the book will be created for anyone - FREE.
Writing a book, is for some, an occupation - for me, it was for presenting a new translation of the Pyramid Texts 'only'.
Perhaps you think I should not even 'offer' for free my understanding. That the world is only for those 'invited' to speak.
No wonder evolution has been slow, when people like yourself think with a financially-based mind when judging others with new concepts. Do you realize the harm that you do?


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