William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday October 12, 2011

Egypt and the Power of Planetary Healing, Part 1

This beautiful and empowering two-week discussion between Nicki Scully and William Henry about the power of Egypt's temples, monuments and deities is itself filled with powerful energy. Both Nicki and William have led many groups to Egypt, and here they share their deep knowledge of its power with us. They have both made great strides in understanding how to connect with the energy that has been left behind there.

Nicki's new book Planetary Healing offers insights into how to activate yourself so that you can become part of the effort to enrich our planet and ourselves.

William Henry is leading another trip to Egypt in February, and it's selling fast, so if you're interested, go to William Henry.net to find out more about William's Stargate 2012 Event.

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If you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all? I just do not like this woman, I do not like her speech patterns, I do not like anything about her. And now that she declares she was a part of the psychedelic revolution, it all makes sense to me what it is about her that grates on my nerves like finger nails on a chalk board. NOW I have to wait two weeks for a different guest to be interviewed -- that is about the time it takes for an addict to go through withdrawal - no pun intended. Oh well, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

A 1000 cities are being occupied all over the world by those feeling done in, and unknown country carries on as normal, presenting self-deified humans with plans on "how to activate yourself so that you can become part of the effort to enrich our planet and ourselves." They have answers to all our questions, these illuminated ones.
Every day I ask myself where they get all this from: imagination, sources only they are privy to, extraterrestrials who won't talk to me but only to them?
Since when does a feeling about something, a suspicion of a reality, a fanciful conjecture, a convenient incidental expression of possibilities, translatable into total and ultimate truth?
What does Alice do when she comes up out of the Rabbit Hole - she has to breath fresh air again and realize she has only been under ground for a while - she is back in the real madhouse.


I wonder where Fox Moulder is.

Well, Nicki sounded fine to me and no, I don't own shares in her company.. hehe.

I quite like Nicki - I've been around the New Age world, community for some time; I think I have a pretty good nose for whats good, whats Bogus; Nicki is definately good; I personally harbor no doubts at all that she both has had her own gnostic experiances, and knows how to lead others to their own gnostic experiance.

Sorry if her psychedelic experiance offends some, but your not going to get the teachings she has to offer from a man in a Grey Flannel Suit (no allusion to Whitely intended. ) Blessing, BB.

I think shes wonderful!

Check yourself because spiritual capitalism is alive and well, unfortunately and I've seen soooo many with promise get seduced by their greed. How many books are too many? How many tours? Have you made enough money yet? Do you REALLY believe this is the path to enlightenment?

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