William Henry's Revelations
Thursday January 3, 2013

Doorways into Other Dimensions

Nancy Safford is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with the wisdom and the knowing of their heart, their true soul essence, to have a more direct understanding of their purpose on the planet. So, what does that mean? Listen as William Henry asks this powerful visionary where her power comes from and how it relates to sacred mysteries, most especially the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.

There are sacred places of great power in this world, and Nancy is an expert on Rennes le Chateau and the surrounding area. For example, there is a naturally occurring pentagram in the area, one point of which is Rennes le Chateau, another of which is Bugarach, which became a focus of for end-of-the world believers last month.

As misguided as they were, they were, in fact, responding to a powerful energy, one which Nancy understands and can teach others about. She and William Henry will be conducting a tour to the region in May. To find out more about the tour, go to Nancy's website, or read about it on WilliamHenry.net.

The secrets of the Cathars, the Magadalene-Isis connection and many more secrets are explored in this captivating interview.

Nancy Safford's website is NancySafford.net.

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Love this interview. I have been keenly interested in Rennes since Holy Blood Holy Grail, Blue Apples by William, and the Vintage Dreamlands interview (subscribers mp3) with William. I have other commitments at this time so I cannot join in. But I think William may have an edited version of footage and information of interest to researchers and interested parties of Rennes available on a DVD at some point.

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