William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday January 19, 2011

The Coming End of the 8th Underworld

According to Barbara Hand Clow, the major alignment of earth with the galactic center took place in 1998. This is what has caused the cascade of changes and the feeling of acceleration that has taken place since then. William Henry asks Barbara, what about UFO disclosure? She answers, 'wouldn't it make sense if we reunited with our cosmic brothers and sisters by the time the 8th Underworld ends?" While she doesn't rule out revelations that involve actual spacecraft, her point is that the only people who are going to be able to communicate and understand are those who are engaged in the awakening process.

Barbara's website is HandClow2012.

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I very much enjoyed both of these interviews. Although I dont agree w/Barbara on some of her conclusions about origins and outcomes -- I find her wealth of knowledge and easy way of presenting it worth it every time I listen to the show interviewing her. I am looking forward to reading her book about the 9 dimensions.

There are as many interpretations of the times in which we live as there are people to perceive them. Uncovering and accepting responsibility for my actions and how these actions have effected others is the task before me. Perhaps the Second Coming of Christ will be within each of us. A personal experience that makes it possible love and serve our fellows. Without judgement,without reciprocation. To truly Love. I am very tired of seeking peace from fear of a future that is upon me.
It is my prayer that all of us find Peace that surpasses understanding.

"Perhaps the Second Coming of Christ will be within each of us."
Wow!......in interesting viewpoint.

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