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Wednesday June 12, 2013

A Clairvoyant Looks at the NSA Leaks: What Do They Mean?

What's a clairvoyant doing talking about Edward Snowdon, the NSA leaks and the way our world is changing? Well, when it's Hillary Raimo, it makes a great deal of sense. In this riveting interview, she tells us just how deep changes in our world have come together to alter the flow of power in our world.

Hillary Raimo is an internationally renowned clairvoyant. She is also an expert on multi-dimensional healing. Hillary specializes in communicating about how the mind/body healing process frees consciousness on a personal to global level in order to help enable body energy and collective consciousness to transcend time and space.

Her international client-base consulting ranges from high level corporate complex executives to filmmakers, best selling authors, celebrities, and to thousands of world citizens.

Hillary's website is HillaryRaimo.com.

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Great talk - Here is the petition to pardon Snowden for those that want to add their voice:


No small effort goes unheard by the universe.


I have been trying for 3 days to listen via the pop-up player and to download via the link; however, each time it stops at about 11 minutes in or 3.6MB. Don't know why I would be the only one experiencing this anomaly - ha ha! Hope it gets fixed because I would love to hear the whole interview. Thank you.

Why don't you become a subscriber and then you can download it.

Francis. Only subscribers can use the comment section. Sooooo :)

I use Apple products and have found that for some unknown reason I had the same difficulty that you described. Staff here pointed me to download an app called "GoodReader" and the downloads have been flawless since I started using the app.

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