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Friday May 31, 2013

The Cathars and the Lost Teachings of Jesus

William and Clare Henry have just returned from Southern France where they explored areas that were once the stronghold of Cathar Christianity, a sect that was completely wiped out by the Catholics in 1244 in Europe's first genocide.

The thirteenth-century Cathars slaughtered at Montségur in 1244 today offer an alternative to mainstream Christianity that for many integrates better than the Church does with modern ‘new age’ attitudes. Catharism is used to focus a sense of local pride and independence in the Languedoc of France and its martyrs offer a symbol of nonviolent resistance against persecution and near-genocide. While they are the source for studies into reincarnation, they also give us extraordinary detail to help us understand medieval life and the horror of the Inquisition. Their spirituality and what it stood for remain alive in countless exemplary ways.

Here, David Patrick, author of the Cathar View, tells us the tragic story of the destruction of the Cathars, and shares with us the beauty of their beliefs.

Dave's website is TheCatharView.com.

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The tragedy of the story of jesus as it is told is it that does nothing to empower the indidivual to become a sovereign spiritual being instead it does the opposite. Ascension boils down to the question do you want to be a sovereign spiritual being if so you should embrace the larger cosmic reality and accept personal responsibilty for your actions in it. Infantile religious structures do nothing to help others find their own path and seek the answers within instead they baby the flock and disempower others from seeking their own truth and consequently hinder the discovery of anothers soul's development and reasons for incarnating on earth. Souls are cosmic in nature and the sooner we get it the better we'll understand what it means to deal with other beings and energies in our cosmos and what the spiritual development of the soul means.

Another really interesting interview William. This us why I became a subscriber. But also I'd like to add that it has become apparent to me that the level of intellect regarding the soul is rising rapidly! And as evidence of this I have only to bring your attention to the post made by Roger Simond. Such insight I find more and more, especially with the subscribers of Unknowncounyry.com, and it is very refreshing!

william i agree with both roger simond and donald cole in fact, i have nothing to add to their comments. thanks for another great show.

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