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Wednesday July 16, 2014

Become a Stargate. Impossible? Think Again.

Today, William Henry has an update on his Arcanum TV show on Gaiam TV and a commentary on the very real possibility of human transformation into angels and even stargates. This is the subject of William and Clare Henry's Sion Academy presentations.

William and Clare's life work involves transformation into higher levels of being, which is an ancient practice and is quite possible while living in this life, as long as you combine knowledge with right action toward this amazing goal.

Listen as William describes the amazing work of Dr. Carla Sulzbach, who has done groundbreaking research into the science and reality of transformation.

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If we want to discover the secrets of warp drive then we should study what lies above and below the fabric of space. Heeding "warnings" from ancient religions is something that keeps us spiritually and intellectually stunted. Warnings may have kept people focused on the Earthly realm, but then again it may have killed many people, who subsequently died through their ignorance.

Space itself may simply be a neutral container, something that occupies a place. We use it to move about in. It exists at a particular coordinate or frequency. When energies of opposite poles cancel each other out, the resting point they come to may be empty space. But when one invokes a frequency that is ABOVE or BELOW the natural baseline of empty space, one disturbs that space, warping it. Space is malleable, twistable, warpable. It can be collapsed or shrunk. I believe that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are capable of warping space, we have the evidence for warp field technology directly in our own minds. The right brain is comprised of energy that is of a high density, while the left brain manifests motion in motion (speed). Matter of various sizes warps space, just as light itself does. These are models for the brain, for the thickness that manifests in consciousness when time has slowed down. Superposition and the warpage of space is possible when we apply energies that are above and below the fabric of space to space itself. When a cooperative feedback is implemented between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, space can be warped. One vacillates between both hemispheric energies, escalating the amount of energy flow that is piped in (running energy technique). Bringing the hemisphere's energy together eventually cancels them out, and a destination singularity is arrived at within the fabric of space. This is how one halts the process, by bringing the two hemisphere's energy into alignment with each other, fusing them together. The running energy technique can be used as a model for warp drive. If the molecules in a spaceship can be manipulated to be alternately ABOVE and BELOW the fabric of space then they can warp the natural fabric of space. This creates a warp field, enabling the spacecraft to travel great distances rapidly. Fusing the hemispheric energies together brings the spacecraft to a halt somewhere in space, putting on the brakes.

True teleportation, warp field technology, time travel, remote viewing, clairvoyance, all these become accessible when one engages the fields of energy that lie above and below the fabric of space.

why are these shows so short?

they have to be the shortest interviews in radio...everyone else does at least an hour.

Quantum entanglement is most probably the cross connection of particles or entities that are opposite to each other; one is a Yin and the other a Yang. One particle exists slightly above the frame of xyz space, while the other is slightly below. Both particles or entitles exist in energy space, inside the warp field or state of superposition. The entanglement takes place when the complementary particles are entrained with each other and fused with the very fabric of space. The nature of the particles or entities then shrink the fabric of space, making a seeming communication transmission between two entangled particles appear faster than light. In reality, the quantum entangled particles are in a singularity, and very close to each other in true proximity. But since space has collapsed for these entangled particles, bridging the distance between them is virtually instantaneous. The entanglement is delicate, because any interfering outside factor can throw the entanglement out of kilter, that is why quantum entanglement machines rely on super frigid mediums. However, the entanglement can endure as long as no competing energies impact it.

We see the effects of the entanglement because they have been fused with space, that brings them into our perception, into the NOW. Even though space has collapsed for the entangled particles we do not see this because we are local inhabitants of 3 D space. Space is but an illusion for quantum entangled particles, but for us it still seems real. Hence, the paradox.

William Henry mentioned various new TV series like THE TUDORS which are good histories but leave out the arcane. For that aspect of the RENAISSANCE era which includes the arcane as a vital part of its plot, I recommend most highly: DA VINCI'S DEMONS http://www.starz.com/originals/davincisdemons
From Florence's Medicis to Pope Sixtus to Istanbul to Middle America the story weaves in alchemy, astrology, ancient ceremony, and lucid dreams while occasionally stepping through a portal or vortex in Da Vinci's quest for the Book of Leaves.
It is produced for Starz so expect R rated content but intelligent dialogue, strong female characters, and a constant mix of science, religion, and humanity in all its many faces.

Larry/gatekeeper50: Da Vinci's Demons is my favorite current series.

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