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Wednesday September 21, 2011

Atlantis, the Lost Labyrinth of Crete and the Mystery of Arcadia

Andrew Gough has added 'actor' to his list of accomplishments, and appears in the 2010 feature, 'the Stone.' But he is not only an actor and a magazine editor, Andy is one of the world's leading researchers into our lost past.

Just as the beehive is an ancient symbol of knowledge, so the bee is an initiate and Arcadia the landscape on which it feeds. Immerse yourself, and taste the honey that wisdom brings while listening to this interview.

Arcadia is a paradise or golden age lost in antiquity, preserved in mythology, and commemorated by countless generations, and the beehive represents the hidden knowledge within.

Andrew Gough's website is Andrew Gough's Arcadia.
His magazine is Mindscape Magazine.

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The movie that Andrew Gough appeared in is titled THE STONE: NO SOUL UNTURNED and is not the movie linked to in the article above. You can not at this time get THE STONE:NO SOUL UNTURNED from Netflix, but it is available from Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Stone-No-Soul-Unturned/dp/B00505E538 or Barnes and Noble.com http://video.barnesandnoble.com/DVD/The-Stone-No-Soul-Unturned/Andrew-Go... The following is part of the Editorial Review at Barnes and Noble: A group of curious people looking for the truth find more than they asked for when they investigate the haunted corridors of Annesley Hall in Nottinghamshire, the former home of Lord Byron and an infamously haunted locale. The forces that dwell there ... ~ Cammila Albertson, Rovi All Movie Guide

If one is interested in the King Arthur legend, some of the best places for the inside scoop are the websites devoted to reviving the Cumbric language. (Northern Welsh is key to even having a notion, as this is where Gwynneth is located.) Visiting the region is an incredible experience and I reccomend it to anyone even remotely curious of the legend or of old Brythonic culture as a whole. The Lakes District was and still is a favourite haunt for many poets and dreamers of all sorts. Martha Washington is buried in Whitehaven, in fact.

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