William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday September 7, 2011

The 911 Memorial: What does it Really Mean?

The new 911 Memorial is filled with hidden symbolism, and Scott Onstott tells us exactly what has been encoded in the memorial, and what this has to do with the deep nature of our freedom and the meaning of the human world. But who did the encoding, and why, and did the architects and engineers consciously know what they were doing.

If so, why is the structure related to the Giza Plateau? Why is the Freedom Tower 1776 bricks tall? Why does 333 recur so often. What does the Orion constellation have to do with all this, and why does the star Rigel correspond to One Center Street, the single largest governmental building in the world? Above all, why is there such a deep connection between the design and the Kabba in Mecca?

Scott Onstott's webpage is ScottOnstott.com.

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I'm logged in, but there are no audio links. I know I keep asking this question but at what point does the audio become available? (It's currently 2:06 PM CT on Wednesday and there is no audio here.)

The commercial-free subscriber version of the show takes a little more time to prepare, and will be up ASAP. We like to put the free-to-air show up as soon as it is ready.

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