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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Are the Watchers Returning?

Today’s revelations is a new episode of Stargate Hunters, conversations with fellow stargate seeker, Chad Stuemke, who is here to discuss some fresh and astounding insights about the presence of mysterious beings in ancient america and evidence of how they might be returning today. Join us as we explore the secrets of Ohio's Serpent Mound and more.

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I have past life memories involving The Serpent Mound in Ohio. That memory dovetails with one that I remember in ancient Egypt. They are connected---as are The Serpent Mound, The Great Pyramid, and the Step Pyramid designed my Imhotep. Odd connections, I know. Real memories or my imagination?

For an excellent book with lots of information about the Serpent Mound, read The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods by Ross Hamilton.

Whitley interviewed Ross Hamilton back in 2005 about this book. For subscribers, go here:

To: Cosmic Librarian- Thanks for the reference. Seems like there are still the bigger mounds all over America- still not being allowed to be excavated.... who the heck knows what is still just lying there waiting to be found. ..I'm thinking giant bones... , but what do I know.....

P.S. Are The Watchers returning? No, because they never left.

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