William Henry's Revelations

October 2012

October 31, 2012
Many people are deciding where to position themselves for the galactic alignment on December 21, 2012. Carmen Boulter will be in Egypt, and in this interview, she tells us exactly why. She also updates us on recent events in Egypt, and also the results of her study called The Effect of the Great Pyramid on the Human Aura and Chakra System. Also...
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October 24, 2012
William Henry tangles with Chris White, the producer of Ancient Aliens Debunked, a three hour challenge to the theories presented in Ancient Aliens. Is Ancient Aliens wrong, and if so, how wrong? Is Ancient Aliens being careless, or even intentionally deceptive? Or is Chris White wrong about the show? You'll get rich new insight from this...
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October 17, 2012
Jay Weidner has become the creative director of Gaiamtv, a new and well-funded alternative news and inspiration TV network. This new network is an extraordinary idea and well worth exploring. It offers a positive viewpoint on current affairs, and a vast amount of streaming video programming on almost every subject from meditation to the paranormal...
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October 10, 2012
In 1996, Drs. JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak made the discovery on the Giza Plateau of what has become known as the Tomb of Osiris, the Egyptian deity who was killed by his brother and resurrected by his sister, Isis. They have spent years in deep study of what the story of his resurrection--and the story of the resurrection of Jesus--actually...
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