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Wednesday November 13, 2013

Anne and Whitley Strieber on Their Powerful New Experience

On Monday night Whitley and Anne Strieber had a powerful and unusual experience. Here, William Henry interviews them and explores with them what might have happened that led Whitley to have over two hours of missing time. William's deep understanding of the way the conduit between the worlds actually works illuminates their story in some very exciting and informative ways.

The experience was also connected in a very surprising way to Sonia Barrett, who appears on Dreamland this weekend, and will be further explored there.

Don't miss this powerful, deeply emotional and joyous interview!

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Dear Anne, Whitley, and William,
Thank you all so much for your genuine sharing, not only of the amazing experience Anne and Whitley had Monday night, but of your experience of the transformation that Anne seems to be encountering. I feel so deeply moved. Bless you all for all the years of open exploration. Listening to what you and your guests have to say has been, and continues to be, a very important part of my life. I wish you all the very best.
Ginny Ramus

when trying to play this wonderful program through the player the show starts at about seven minutes into the interview. when downloading through the subscriber section it airs as intended. loved the show.

this does not begin at the beginning.

Thank you!

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Whitley and Anne bless us in this interview. Nobody could have done the interview better than thier long time friend William.

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