William Henry's Revelations
Wednesday November 17, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Ascension Wisdom

What are the "nine lenses" that Padma Aon Prakasha talked about last week? This week, he and William go through all nine of them, and we discover the secret relationship between the body, the soul, and the ascended world all around us. Surprisingly, there is an unexpected discussion about ancient Egyptian ka-body spells and why they worked. This is a most interesting and unusual program.

Padma Aon's website is PadmaAon.com

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Amazing. Totally fresh knowledge of old ancient wisdom !
Thks you Mister Aon

It is truely amazing, thanks William and Padma Aon.

But what happend to the followup revelation on the last lenses? It was supposed to come after some weeks, but I can't find it?

I too would love to hear this

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