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Wednesday August 17, 2011

Ancient Aliens

Giorgio Tsoukalos is the producer of the super-hit Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. William Henry, who will be a guest on the show a number of times this fall, here interviews Giorgio about the program and the magazine, and what is changing in the study of ancient aliens. A few years ago, William Henry participated in a National Geographic documentary on Atlantis that had a hidden debunking agenda. But, as Giorgio points out, times are changing, and established scientists and academics are no longer so ready to dismiss the possibility that highly advanced species have intervened in human evolution in the past.

Listen as he tells the thrilling behind the scenes story of Ancient Aliens, and the exciting revelations that are coming this fall!

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have you ever had von Daniken on the show? or Michael Tellinger (his work in South Africa would go well on Ancient Aliens too).

Yes, and I would add Graham Hancock's work to the above. The Ancient Aliens series is doing a good job of bringing the alien phenomenon to the masses. It's easier for people to entertain the notion that aliens may have been here in the past before accepting that they may be here today.

The one part of the series that is disturbing is the idea that humans were artificially created by aliens to mine for gold that the aliens needed. I think gold readily exists elsewhere in the universe, why would they need to come here to get it and why wouldn't they use machines to mine for gold instead of humans? Also, the idea that we were genetically modified from lower primates would make us less than natural, i. e., not the product of this earth. I'm not sure I buy this theory.

I watch the series Ancient Aliens via NetFlix,on my computer,having given up on broadcast TV years ago. Thank you for making (it) available via alternate means. I agree that it is refreshing to see and hear the obvious being presented as such.

Sorry Lone Star,
If it upsets your personal paradigm that you are created by the christian idea of god, then, you are not willing to admit the enormity and power of your god. What is the difference of humans evolving from a proto human form as compared to the idea that we are the product of Ancient Alien genetic manipulation? Face it... god is not of this Earth... which means that... god is an extraterrestrial!

I'm new here and all I did was express my view. Is that not allowed here? My paradigm is not upset by questioning whether humans were artificially created by aliens. Is this some dogma that we all have to believe in to be part of the flock? I don't think Whitley's site is about dogma or having to believe any particular thing. It's about an open minded search for the truth. My mind is open.

Thank you, William, this was a great interview. I'm a big fan of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens. Each season is better than the last. I read Chariot of the Gods in the early 70's and many of the subsequent books on the subject and it is great to see so many of my favorite authors/researchers all in one place. It's also exciting to know that we are re-membering our ancient past from a different perspective so we can get a better understanding of who we are and what our potentials are as a species on planet Earth. The timing is perfect.
Kudos to you, Giogio Tsoukalos, the History Channel, all the authors/researchers that have contributed so much to the subject for the past 40+ yrs, and the scientists and religious leaders that dare to think outside the box!

What a neat guy and fantastic show! Hopefully we'll be able to rewrite the history books soon.

We heard Michael Tellinger speak in Phoenix, AZ this past June. WOW! He was a very articulate speaker with much energy and enthusiasm. I think he'd be a great interviewee.

Well I doubt the genetic manipulation theory myself, but regardless, we do not have to accept the idea that we are rightfully slaves to some cruel race of masters, as some seem to imply.

i must say his comment and explaination is convincing enough i can visalize alot of this as stated. what is the problem of other worldly being coming and setting us on the right path. this is what we do with the finding of lost tribes in the wild that never knew any of us existed. do we not try to educate and guide them!
there has to be more intellegent life out there, who know more about things then us. like having the technology far beyond our understaning, to get here from other worlds. i hope we take time to listen to others like this guest to enlighten our ways with knowledge. have we not manipulated our own genentics with strain of vaccines and other tools to prolong life. so why could not other being have did this.
it truely amazed me (after looking back on my life) that all i learned in the school system that was pounded into my head and classified as truthfull knowledge...is most all TRASHED now, changed and has become obsolete or proven wrong and not true any longer. the world needs to open up it eyes on the whole as we know it and accept cahnge for the good, as our own government must start doing, to enlighten us. we are kept in the dark by so called "think tanks" that say we can not handle the truth? not true...peos can take the lies and disception even more, this is only to keep control of us.
i think we will all be enlighten and much better to deal with what ever if we are kept in the loop, instead of the darkness as we are now...nothing should be kept as classified secrets to extort our thinking (we are not at a declared war) as we are getting done to us now by all the hype. when we the peos demand release of all this classified knowledge kept from us.we will all be much better for it. we are all pressing for it indirectly anyway...should peos (we) not demand to have a look see??? for the money being spent. no more black, black budget projects. the whole world should be working on all this.
like it or not peos...the truth will set us all free! go for all the truth giorgio, the best you can for as long as you can. best of luck to you, if you can survive to nail down the real truth! before the officails stop you in this country and others.

@Lost Star
>>The one part of the series that is disturbing is the idea that humans were artificially created by aliens to mine for gold that the aliens needed. I think gold readily exists elsewhere in the universe, why would they need to come here to get it and why wouldn't they use machines to mine for gold instead of humans?<<

Totally agree, and you make a very good point here. We were not created as slaves to mine gold, it's a silly hypothesis that should never have seen the light of day. I realize that Zecharia Sitchin has surmised this from his interpretation of the Sumerian texts, but on this count, I think he's made a mistake.

The Ancient Alien hypothesis needs to be a little more flexible instead of wedding itself to the notion that humans were artificially created by aliens to mine for gold. I too doubt the Sitchin theory. Just because the Sumerians believed we were visited by extra terrestrials who created man as a slave species to mine for gold doesn't mean their religious belief was correct. They might have interacted with aliens and also misunderstood what they were doing here. The Sumerians may have been visited by aliens and yet created their own human creation myth (slave species) that was not given to them by aliens. Also, the Sitchen/Sumerian theory that the planet the aliens were from (Niberu) would occasionally enter our solar system and pass by the earth, seems unlikely. There is no scientific support for the existence of such a planet and how could it be habitable if it was on a wide enough path to come in and out of our galaxy?

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