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Privacy Policy

By using or accessing the website, you agree to the terms of this online privacy policy. If you do not agree with this policy, do not use or access this site. These terms may change without notice, and any continuing use of this site indicates that you agree with these terms regardless of any changes.

Personal information
This site collects personal information about you only when you explicitly send requested information to us. Information is collected when you open an account in order to use the store, when you join the E-mail notification list, and when you register with this site's message boards.

The store
Personal information securely collected in order to use the store includes your real name, your valid mailing address, your E-mail address, and your credit card number. This is used in order to process and pay for items bought at the store, and to send you those items. At no time is this information sold to any third party for the purposes of marketing. The information is used solely to process and deliver items you have explicitly requested, and is never used by us for marketing.

You may optionally register with the store so that we may expedite orders quickly and securely the next time you shop. If you register, we will securely store your E-mail and postal addresses for the sole purpose of recognizing you when you log in to the store, and to send merchandise to you. You have the right to alter that information any time. It is not necessary to register, and you may shop normally without registering.

The store uses "cookies" in order to track your purchases and remember you the next time you shop. A "cookie" is a very small amount of data sent to your browser by the website. It can only be read by the site that sent it to you, and can never be used to transmit viruses or other harmful code. You can configure your browser to reject all cookies. If you choose to do this, you will not be able to use the store.

The mailing list
Personal information collected in order to join the E-mail list is your E-mail address. Our E-mail list is private. It is not shared with third parties and will not be sold or transferred or used for any purpose except e-mailing news and announcements from Whitley Strieber and

The message boards
Personal information collected in order to register with this site's message boards includes your E-mail address. When you register with the message boards, you are sent a username and password to your E-mail address. This is used to identify you as a registered user of the message boards, which allows you to post messages. You do not need to register if you only wish to read messages. You may optionally send us your name and personal preferences to identify you to other message board users, but this is not manadatory, and is submitted solely at your discretion. Your E-mail address is not used in any way except to identify you as a registered message board user, and you can configure your message board account to hide all information about you, including your E-mail address, from other users.