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You want strange, you got strange. What in the world is happening in Yucatan??

There are fireballs coming down all over the world right now, but this story from the Yucatan goes far beyond the normal report of a flaming meteor speeding across the sky, and, frankly, your Out There editor is just plain puzzled, not to say flabbergasted. Note that the report includes mention of a sound that went on for hours, not to mention the 'humanoid figure' the police created when trying to put the broken up remains of the object back together. The verdict on this one: I have no idea.

Story Source:

So, my question is, "what was in their psyche/subconscious mind/belief or myth that would have inspired them to create, out of the fragments, this humanoid figure in the first place?" "Did the Yucatan Maya see or understand something more?"

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