Out There

You Out There editor has egg on his face over the Dubai streetlights. Try this Kazakhstan CGI effect.

Okay, I missed the streetlight with the missing bulb in the Dubai video and graded it B. Wet noodle moment for me. If this one, allegedly from Kazakhstan, isn't a CGI effect, I would be very surprised. But hey, remember that going to the edge with these things is my job around here. Graded C.

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This *may* be a hoax: the object doesn't seem to stay still in relation to the background, indicating that the tracking software being used isn't up to snuff. To be sure, we'd need some image stabilization done to this. However, I have to temper this theory with the caveat that the inconsistency in it's movement could be due to poor keyframing within the video file itself.

how bout why'd he stop filming?

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