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Yet another low-flying triangle report, this time from Florida

Another low flying triangle, this one in Florida. The question has to be asked: is something new going on? The number of triangle reports has increased significantly over the past year, and especially low-flying triangles.

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They wouldn't be ours as the usual method is to hide the new toys until the last possible moment. My bet is that our friends seem to be doing less and less to hide their presence from the general population. And that would make sense. Only the visitors can really force disclosure. Their obvious presence makes official denial more difficult and some one has to expose people to a new reality by priming the acceptance piece a little bit. A sudden arrival would be unwise and if they are as old as we believe they are, the are also experienced in introductions. When the main stream media starts reporting this regularly, a discussion becomes easier. The press has openly ridiculed witnesses and snickered at them and sometimes humiliated people, so this will be a difficult process for a system hell bent on acting like they have all the answers. I think our visitors are being pretty polite after years of hearing they don't exist. There will be more and more reports. videos and pictures that are going to be proven not faked or hoaxed. We just have to get used to them being here.


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