Out There

This will be one of the strangest things you've ever seen.

It is possible--just--that this is a release of balloons, but there are things that happen to it, such as the detachment and reattachment of fragments of the material that suggest that it really is something very, very strange. Frankly, I can't even speculate beyond saying that maybe it's some sort of insect colony. If it's an alien, I'd be fascinated to see what the world it came from looks like. I think that this is the single strangest video Out There has ever posted.
It was sent to us by an alert reader.

The comment reads, in English: "Cannot be identified, caught in forest, turning in several different ways. Strange creature, humanoid alien, ufo ovni."

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This certainly seems strange, but the video quality is so poor that it's difficult to judge what it might be. It looks like an oddly-configured bunch of balloons. But who was filming it, and why?

Really, I did not see anything in that fuzzy video to suggest it was anything other than a huge bundle of mylar balloons. I did not see the "detachment and reattachment of fragments" suggested by the Out There editor. Just consequences of fuzz, blur, and compression artifacts in the video.

The detachment and reattachment he is referring to involves the two lower appendages, starts at 1:38 and continues to about 2:04.

This is odd, but I've seen stranger, even here in 'Out There'.

For sheer creepiness, it is hard to beat that video of what looks like a witch flying over some hills in Mexico. Authentic, hoax, whatever, viewing that video gave me the willies!

Respectfully, I still don't interpret what's on the video as detachment and reattachment. There are so many aspects that are consistent with the tied balloons theory, mainly the amorphism and slow ascent, from there we could assume that there are strings that obviously would not be visible on such poor resolution video. Everything still moves like strings are involved, even if a couple of lower balloons start dragging behind a little (yet still tied to the larger bunch). IMO, the videographer was "in on" the whole thing because it starts early on before the balloon release. Now if we had video of this thing descending and then reascending, or exhibiting something resembling powered flight, it would be a bit more compelling. But in the end, obviously we don't know what it was exactly.

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