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WHAT is in this trail camera photo from Texas?

This photo was sent to us by an Unknowncounty.com reader. It was taken along a trail at night in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It shows what appears to be a semi-translucent child standing near a deer, which has apparently noticed the child. The child is wearing clothing from an earlier period. Is this an image of a ghost, a simple double-exposure or...what? Graded D because it could have been made so easily using this: http://xenophilius.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/the-uk%E2%80%99s-sun-and-dai....

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looks like a native american child??

The Rio Grand Valley--I am originally from South Texas so I know this area pretty well. When I tried to connect to this image, my expectations were along the lines of a young Mexican girl, however my impression turned out to be that she is Anglo. I also am seeing others standing a little behind and to her left. I feel that she was part of some family or small group of settlers in that area that all died around the same time, possibly from disease or some other catastrophe. Would love to know exactly where this shot was taken.

When first looking at this image my attention was not on the 'ghost child' in the left of the image but the 'milk bottle' floating in the top-middle. This looks remarkably similar to images that Linda Moulten Howe has been posting on Earthfiles in the "...'Moultrie Game Camera Manager Puzzled by “Milk Bottle” Images..." report(subscription required).

In my oppinion, the deer is looking at this 'milk-bottle' and not the child, which suggests to me that either this is faked or the deer just can't see the child.

Also, with an image so similar to the ones Linda had been showing in her reports, why is there no update from her? Does she know about this image?

Looks like a double exposure photograph.

Yes, the images at Earthfiles... That explains the deja vu when I saw this image! :-)

If this "milk bottle" light is the same as that in the other game camera photos, then electromagnetic energy of some kind could be at play...Why game cameras? Also, the buck in the photo (at least to me) does not appear to be looking at the light OR the girl.

If we go a little "Out There" we could speculate that electromagnetic forces of some kind are at play, and if that is the case, these forces are known to tie in to paranormal activity. So maybe there is more than one thing going on here...

...Or it is a double exposure, but my feeling is no. Something out of the ordinary is going on.

For more, with videos, go here. One photo has TWO bottle shaped lights:


Intriguing. Maybe the whole thing is real. This bottle light has appeared in other pics from Texas. My eyes matrix details of others in the background as well. Wonder if Indians had a hunting technique by which a child calms an animal, then the hunters make their move?

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