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What Haunts the Skies of Earth?

Out There Editor steps up on sopabox.

This story from Queensland in Australia is typical of about half a dozen we get in each day. It's not spectacular. There is no reason to disbelieve it. And the world continues to ignore the truth: something in haunting our skies. But why are we so passive about it? As Whitley Strieber points out in Solving the Communion Enigma, science has all the tools necessary to solve the UFO and close encounter questions. But few scientists dare to get near the subject, and there is no grant funding whatsoever. None. Given the thousands of UFO sightings every year and the millions of close encounter experiences, this is so completely irrational that it seems like some level of control is being exerted to prevent us from looking at the subject rationally.

Out There editor gets off soapbox.

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Dear Editor,

How do we know that no one is looking at the UFO phenomena? Trillions of dollars are missing from the treasury according to the GAO (and Dick Cheney admitted it just before the accounting dept. in the Pentagon was blown up on 9/11) and black budgets abound in secret. I think that the Official Stance given (or not) to the media is white-washed and amounts to hog-snot. And since when has the many super-secret agencies acted overtly rational?

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