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Weird Shape Appears in Deer Cam

This very strange footage is difficult to explain. The idea expressed by the witness that it might be a government drone is probably not correct.

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At first, I thought that this was a true unexplained--dramatic photos, with witnesses willing to be named, but a little research shows that this might have a terrestrial explanation. The type of camera used here, a Moultrie camera commonly called a "deer cam," is apparently motion-triggered and emits a strobe flash. Per Moultrie rep Bart Stephens, the appearance of the symmetrical lights over the deer's head is due to "blowback" from the flash inside the camera. While this may--or may not--be the true cause of the lights, it's certainly reasonable. But the intriguing thing about this case is the camera itself. I didn't know that such cameras existed. They're not expensive, and they might be very useful at capturing all sorts of anomalous phenomena--not just startled deer.

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