Out There

Weird, disturbing video of odd figures in Peru.

What makes this video so strange is the fact that the person shooting it is saying that there shouldn't be any people there. And then one of them stands up and--well, it's just plain odd.

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Hoax, "real", whatever...This is extremely creepy and gave me goosebumps, which is odd because I have watched literally hundreds of videos that had a lot more going on than this one, and I am not usually disturbed by things such as this.

What the...????

Wait, am I missing something? Looks like two people crouching/sitting down enjoying a view, then one person stands up and takes off a sweatshirt, then crouches back down. The size comparisons of "people" vs. "aliens" look to be roughly the same dimensions to me. I guess I don't understand what is creepy or disturbing or in any way odd about this video. Nonplussed here.

I'm with Nate. I fail to see what the deal is with this. The woman's bizarre reaction when the one figure stands up is uncalled for. So either I am one of those who can't see through the "veils" to see what is really there or somebody in Peru is overeacting to nothing.

...so just because the person shooting this video says there shouldn't be people there, they must be aliens right?! Flawed logic, if ever I heard it.

I still think there is something creepy about it, and the woman is definitely frightened, and maybe it is simply because of people who "shouldn't be there." I would like to know more behind the circumstances of this video and exactly where it is mainly because I had such an immediate visceral reaction to it. I am one of those people who can read scary stories and watch horror films without so much as one bad dream. I've watched more alien/paranormal/UFO videos than I can count. Something IS going on here, although it may not involve aliens or the paranormal.

...but why shouldn't there be people there? At 56 secs in, the split image shows exactly the same rocky outcrop on the left and right . If there are people in the left image, then it is obviously accessible. What seems to be the case with both images is that the aspect ratio is off - the image is strected in the vertical, which makes it look a bit weird to me but that ladies reaction just seems to be totally over-the-top...the question again is...why shouldn't there be people there? They can clearly get to that point....so, what other reason would that place be inaccessible at certains times of day? It just doesn't make sense to me. I find initially watching these things with the sound off help me, as sometimes it can be easy to be influenced by the audio...anyway, I agree, more information would be helpful.

I believe there is more going on here then meets the eye. I also think it would make more sense if the exact location were known…..The young girl seems to be sick with fear. and if not aliens then what? Remember we are talking about Peru here.

hikers and a freaked out cameragirl.

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