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Video of dying alien. Does anybody have any knowledge of this?

We can't find out much about this beyond what the author says on his YouTube post. It is not a computer graphics hoax.

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This is kind of cheezy, it should be removed. Just my opinion though.
I do have something rather interesting though. I was looking for some old photos for a client of mine here in Minnesota and found a cool picture of a Church. I thought I would download it and save it. I did and then looked at the image again today and was very surprised at what I found ! A UFO ! Its crazy ! I have looked and looked at it and can not make sense of it. This picture must have been from the early 1900's.
Here are the photo's. Feel free to download them and share on Unknown Country

I believe this is cut from a TV movie on Roswell or from one of those bad History Channel recreations. I've seen this specific model of the alien used before - it is reused for some of these projects.

This is definitely the model used in the 1994 Kyle MacLachlan movie, although the actual footage seems to be from a different production. A photo of the model as it is in the Roswell UFO Museum: http://tinyurl.com/4jmyq3d

Es estúpido.

The first thing I thought was, why does it have breasts? Not that it couldn't, just seems like something that a model maker would put on, not Mom Nature. To me, it's the same with pieces of the "Roswell crashed saucer that can't be cut, burned up or folded into a different shapes"; if that's true, how did the saucer(s) break apart, into collectable pieces (including rods with alien writing), when it (they) crashed? Things that make me go "Okay... nah, doesn't make sense."

The name at the first of the video was mechanix productions. Nuff said.

This is the same one from the Roswell film. It is sad but true that I instantly distrust videos and pictures. Most of them are quite cheesy anyway

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