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Very unusual and compelling bigfoot video.

Is this bigfoot? As always, a hoax is possible, but this footage could be the best shot of the face of a bigfoot ever made. More work needs to be done, such as determining whether or not the facial proportions are human or possibly a mask or makeup job, but there would appear to be a pretty good chance this is authentic.

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I found this video last week and posted it on the message board. There is no question that what we are seeing is a genuine sasquatch and, therefore, a genuine non-human intelligent species inhabiting our world.

The man commenting on the video runs a facebook page that examines these types of videos and has developed a very thorough system of analysis based on consistent morphological traits that cannot be duplicated by people in suits or masks.

I highly recommend visiting the facebook page (FindBigfoot) and running down the list of videos this man has painstakingly analyzed and verified as genuine based on his system. I'd bet you he'd make a great guest for Dreamland, too.

Familirize yourself with the morphological traits this man has identified on his site that is consistent with the most convincing sasquatch videos out there and you'll realize that this cannot be a person in disguise.

There are other videos that have been uploaded of this incident. The user Jack Barnes Jeff Anderson on youtube has three videos. First, a black and white video released by the person who filmed it was uploaded on 9/13/12. There is information in the comment section of that video that indicates that it was filmed with a Galaxy Note, not an iphone and that there are additional videos, including a color version that would only be released after a press conference. Also, it sounds like there are other videos of the sasquatch "eating, walking, running and more!"

One argument for a hoax is that someone could have created an authentic looking suit and is going to just release snippets of video to let the story build up.

There was mention of a press conference but I have not heard any news about it.

Who knows. It may turn out to be the real thing or this is just one of the most elaborate hoaxes yet.


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

yes they are real but maybe are interdemensional beings that bleed through on occasion in this Earth time line?

This has to be real, because I am pretty sure this guy attempted to hit on me years ago in college...:-)

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Seriously, compelling footage, but there have been so many really authentic looking hoaxes come down the pike, that seeing really is NOT believing. I do appreciate the analysis of this video, and I have no doubt that people have been seeing these creatures for centuries. If this is real, the guy behind the camera had to be scared out of his gourd---not sure how he could keep steady enough to film anything! If this creature is real, he apparently has no intent of inflicting harm, because the guy in the tent was extremely vulnerable and easy pickins. These creatures probably fear us more than we fear them. Frankly, I hope that we never, ever get our hands on one of these beings---for their own safety and well-being, not ours.

Looks like CGI, it's quite blurry and good detail is lost. Nice touch with the bald head.

"There is no question that what we are seeing is a genuine sasquatch"

What a load of cobblers...

I don't know if this is real or not; however, those of you who insist that it is fake... prove it by duplicating this footage in all it's detail.

I don't know if this is real or not; however, those of you who insist that it is fake... prove it by duplicating this footage in all it's detail.

You just have to look at the recent movies like Star Wars and Avatar, the skin looks fake in the video. The should have spent more time getting the tone right if they wanted to pull it off successfully. There will never be any real footage taken of these beings unless they want the knowledge of their existence be made known. It's an unfortunate reality.

To be fair to the Bigfoot question in general, I suspect there is something to it.

However, the amount of effort devoted to make this video appear genuine is suspect.

I still think it's a load of old cobblers though.

This is a very good fake in my opinion, so good in fact that I watched the whole video twice over and I rarely do that. Do Sasquatch really exist? I very much doubt it but a great video nonetheless.

I remember seeing the footage recently of the supposed body of a mermaid found on a beach (link below) which had people reeled in hook, line and sinker. It's the high quality of these fake videos that now leads me to doubt almost every new "capture" video that's posted on the Internet these days.


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