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Very large objects said to be on their way to earth.

Whether this is an accurate interpretation of the data or not we don't know, but we are going to get a reporter to follow up on this one.

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Seems to be a bunch of hooey...I checked out the link and there IS a blue object showing up, but frankly, no way to know what it is based on the image. I also went to SETI to find out if there is a Craig Kasnov working for SETI. See if you can find his name on this list:


I also found an affiliation of Craig Kasnov with SETI@home here, but he no longer appears to be part of the project:


Other than that, I found NO information about Craig Kasnov, which seems extremely strange. Scientists typicallly are doing research, producing papers, etc., that find their way on to the web. So, who is Craig Kasnov, and where is he now?

I found this...

"...The idea for SETI@home originated in a conversation between David Gedye and Craig Kasnov late in 1994 in Seattle..."

Also, interestingly I found this comment...

"...Craig Kasnov? SETI astrophysicist? Hmmmm.

My name is Craig Kasnoff. And I was the one who 'co-conceived' the idea for SETI@HOME with David Gedye.

And no, I am not an astrophysicist.

If this discussion, or the article, is inferring that I, Craig Kasnoff, (and not Craig Kasnov) made an announcement regarding 'large objects rapidly approaching Earth', then that is just plain false.

I have not been involved in any announcement of that kind at all.

However, if there is a 'Craig Kasnov' who is a 'SETI astrophysicist', then you will all have to take that up with him.

My current work focuses on the issue of Endangered Species (http://www.Bagheera.com / http://TigersinCrisis.com).

The issue of endangered species was one of the driving considerations in my contribution to the concept of SETI@HOME.

To me, SETI@HOME was not only a way to confirm there was possibly 'life' on other planets, but it was also a way to confirm there wern't any South China Tigers, Giant Pandas, or Komodo Dragons, anywhere else but on Earth.

Because it was -and still is- my belief that when an animal is forced into extinction, that animal is not just lost to Earth, but is lost to the entire Universe.

And that is tragic.

Anyway, I hope it clears up any question regarding my involvement this announcement.

I have no involvement in it.

Craig Kasnoff..."

...but when you have a look at that thread, it suggests that this comment originates from here...


...but that site does not seems to be active anymore. Hmmm.

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