Out There

An unusual Out There, but it's out there: will Anonymous bring down the NYSE on October 10.

We'll be watching on October 10.

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I played this thing twice and it is chilling, ominous and it's got an otherworldly quality. Who or what is making these threats? And if they topple Wall Street what will it be replaced with exactly? I think it is good to challenge the money people and make them understand that we will not be their patsies forever but be careful what you wish for, it might come true!!! Chaos is not an alternative!!!

This stock- and financial sector business is put forward by the politicians as if it is the most important thing there ever was in human history. Who cares about S&P500 and some broke banksters? Get a real job in the real world, fellas! You are parasites! Destructive manipulative parasites of the world. Nothing good comes from You. The world will be a bettar place without Your greedy fingers.

It would be good to have a lot of cash on that day.

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