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Unusual nighttime lights over St. Petersburg, Russa

There is no reason to assume that this video is hoaxed, but it is not possible to tell what it is. The lights are not a typical aircraft configuration, but it could easily be a balloon or a dirigible. Interesting possibility, but no proof it's an unknown.

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Maybe it Putin trying to distract the poor Russian people away from his horrible dictatorship!!!

Still amazing that videos like this receive the most inane comments, often trying to make the whole subject laughable. Like this one on youtube: "That was my next´╗┐ door neighbor George Jetson and Jane his wife." I think Whitley is right when he suspects some kind of concerted attempt to discredit all UFO videos, especially as they get more numerous with so many more video cameras out there. With today's technology, yes we should be skeptical of such videos, but at least be not so goofy about the subject.

I wasn't trying to discredit anyone or anything!!! You are preaching to the choir BobinNJ. I've been a UFO maniac since 1957. And I've had 2 sightings myself. But to be honest our so-called leaders thruout the world wouldn't hesitate to exploit beliefs in UFO's and use them to their advantage. The film is extremely interesting with the morphing in and out. And non-believers or scoffers DON'T subscribe to Unknown Country or Earthfiles like I do!!! Thanks!!!

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