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Unusual lighted object in Florida Panhandle

This is an unusual video. While it's true that fireflies do swarm in swampy areas, if this was indeed taken in November, it would be unusual to see them out in such numbers in the Florida Panhandle. It's also worth remembering that Ed Walters made his UFO videos in this same area, and that a UFO appeared over Gulf Breeze in the Florida Panhandle for many years. Working against this video is the fact that the witness states that he saw the object shoot up into the sky. If so, then how is it that he doesn't show that event, which would, of course, be strongly suggestive of authenticity? As the video ends in a freeze frame, he cannot claim that he just coincidentally cut off the camera at that moment. So where is the rest of it?

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Undoubtedly a fascinating video. The torsion fields around the craft are quite evident. The ionisation of what may have been very humid air has allowed for a spectacular effect. Most interesting and will certainly keep an open mind over this gem. A true classic? Maybe...

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