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Unusual lenticular cloud over Ankara

This appears to be an ordinary lenticular cloud, except for that steadily glowing ring at the base. To be shaped like that, a plasma would need to be generated artificially, and, in any case, no naturally occurring plasma would remain stable for more than a few seconds. One other explanation is that the cloud is being lit from below, but there is no indication of any large lighted area under it, such as a stadium with a ring of floodlights. Lastly, it could be lit from within. If so, then what would be in it?

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I think the ring is probably just a cloud in front of the lenticular clouds, being lite by sunlight after sunset indicating they're at a high altitude. Interesting enough, a small white object shoots out of the cloud and to the left at 19 seconds! If it's not a CGI effect, that could very well be an unknown. It's best viewed if you go into You Tube and set it to full screen.

I noticed that white "object" too, but wondered if it might be a reflection from inside (assuming the video was shot through a window, as the sound is consistent with being indoors.) I agree about it most likely being lit by recent sunset; it would be useful to know how soon after sunset the video was taken. Still must have been pretty cool to see.

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