Out There

Unexplained body near the sun.

What this may be is anybody's guess. It is difficult to believe that an enormous object like this could be in our solar system without causing profound disruptions, not to mention a sensation among astronomers. What aren't we seeing here?

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Well obviously swamp gas. Don't you silly folks know how many swamps orbit the sun? Its was reflecting off of Venus while we were part of a mass-hysteria event. That and the weather balloon, and the camera was hallucinating. If it were an image of Jesus, or Buddha, or Allah, then we would know it was true. Please! In this infinite universe, there couldn't possibly any other explanation! We should just stick our heads in a dogmatic book, or better yet into the sand, and quit thinking for ourselves!

Mmmmmm multiple sarcasms :-P Now I need a cigarette, a snack, and to roll over and go to sleep.

Is this object inside or outside the atmosphere of the earth?

Actually, it's far closer than that: This is just a back-lit smudge on the door's window. Note that the object stays in focus with the other specks on the glass, while at the same time the sun's disk goes out of focus. If the object were any further than 50' away, both the sun and the object would be in focus at the same time, rather than the object and the specks on the glass doing so.

stop the film at 1:01 and it looks like a triangle of small lights below the object. It could all be explained as reflections of some kind, or not.

I took photos last year on Glastonbury torr of the Sun's rays coming through the archway of the tower and yes I have an orb of light in some of the photos but not all, which I put down to nothing more than a reflection off the lens.

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