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Ultra weird entity vidoe from Mexico

This unusual security camera video seems to show an entity appearing in a burst of light in a shopping mall. It's strangely similar to the Japanese security camera video we posted on May 8th, in the way it enters and leaves the scene in a single pulse of light. However, this strange similarity might be a case of a copycat hoaxer. Unfortunately, it takes very little time to create images like this in many different video graphics programs, and the sudden appearance of so many security camera videos has your Out There editor wondering if we're not looking at the newest hoax fad.

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This would be a lot more convincing if the light that appears from above cast any shadows at all. If it's a hoax it's otherwise well-done, and choreographed with people rushing to the scene of the light burst. But without shadows moving to match the movement of the light, I have to lean on the side of hoax here.

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