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Ultra clear daylight UFO footage from Devon.

The person who posted this clip says that the footage was shot by an elderly man out walking with his dog. If it is a CGI effect, it's a very good job. It is difficult to get movement like that behind trees, but certainly not impossible. In any case, the poster is adament that it is not a hoax. As part of our new professional grade evaulation program, we intend to interview this witness and analyze the video. Once this is done, the video, the interivew and the analysis will be posted.

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I am convinced this is a hoax for the sheer reason that at the point where the object shoots upwards, I would expect a normal person to tilt their camera upwards in a vain attempt to try to spot where it was headed. Instead, we see the camera calmly pointing straight ahead - no apparent reaction from the video maker. Also the object is clearly modeled after the legendary "sport model" which can be purchased as a Testor plastic model kit. Sorry - not convinced it's real.

Having the craft appear behind the trees in this case would actually be extremely easy to fake, provided the three trees that the craft passes behind are added in as an effect as well. Note that the contrast on those trees is harsher than similar ones that appear further to the right when the camera is zoomed out, although this might be an effect of the background being different there. I've asked the youtube poster for more information. I also can't see any shadow being cast by the object, but once again, this could be a misinterpertaion of the direction of the light source.

Hmmm, looks fake...

I was driving eastward on HW40 in Montreal at 11:30 PM on January 1st of this year when, along with my two daughters aged 21 and 25, I saw a huge UFO, squarish in shape (reminiscent of the one photographed from above by Google Earth), perfectly stationary, below the cloud cover. My point: UFOs are real, and they are here. And I am in no way disturbed by the fact. To the contrary: we humans have very stupidly painted ourselves in the corner, and now we need help fixing the mess, if not getting out of it entirely. So my take on the above video is quite different from that of other posters. It's like the Santilli autopsy video: details that at first seemed to prove it was a fake, because they seemed anachronistic, were later proved correct, taken that the film was shot on an Air Force base. So it is with this: the person filming the flying saucer did not see it shoot up but just disappear, so he/she had the expected reflex and zoomed back, hoping to find it again, but without turning the camera, having no idea of the direction the object could have gone. And the dog. Is the dog fake too? Because if not, why would the poor beast have waited until after the craft had gone away to come out of cover and rush back to its master? Animals don't lie. Humans do, though; especially to themselves.

This is a valid point: when watching the video at a lower resolution (like through a video camera's viewscreen), the craft does appear to simply vanish, of which could account for the lack of reaction.
Unfortunately, we have no indication that the dog was hiding, or even in distress for that matter, so it isn't an indicator towards the video's authenticity. Taken out of context, it just appears to be a dog running. If the video is a fake, then the craft could easily be added in deliberately before the dog runs into frame. Provided that the dog running into frame wasn't a coincidence to begin with, of course.
As for the Santilli film: http://tinyurl.com/mg7ob9

And--not sure because you'd need the exact model of camera, but thumbnails are remarkably low res for memory and power consumption. Learned that working with a common model to try h-alpha shots. Often the 'best' in the thumbnail would turn out different. Often a marginal in the thumbnail would look good when actually viewed at size. So if you're mucking about photog-ing your mutt and you see what looks odd do you:
Look Up
Look about for that chap with the RC
Look back and then look for pooch because you're getting gone and want eyes on him first. And you're startled enough to forget you're looking through the cam, not your peepers.

Or, when you see an RC buzzing around in the sky is your first reaction to follow it or look for the pilot?

Just saying, not everyone is a postmodern looking for the set; most people who fake stuff, well, they tend to be postmods looking for the set. So they set things up for other postmods looking for the set. People actually blooper watch for cams and such dangling on such masterpieces as US sitcoms!

But to film the way someone NOT trying out for the weeklies or UTube's top 40 would look if wary? Touch of the real, there. And I don't see it very often on screen or life. Like a ghost flick a few years back where some kid is cruising an abandoned place and sees the girl and screams. Lots of possible fake in that, but the scream? unless you ever heard a guy hysterically scream and wanted to imitate that, you'd most likely not. At least cause you'd be mr. studlee and HE does NOT scream that way. Sounds exactly like I remember hearing myself scream from night terrors when I used to lucid dream and woke up in the midst of some glowing tentacle reaching in the old cranial vault. Even today, though, if I were to act, I'd NOT do it that way, even though I KNOW that's how terrorized people not conscious of themselves scream (I was hypnogogic, and thus not conscious)--because it's so one-time-off and very hard to imitate and NO ONE WOULD BUY IT.

C.G.I-Nuff said!

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