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UK UFO photo a credible possibility

At a time when the internet is being swamped fake UFO video, this photo stands out as a genuine possibility. It has been posted, as well, by Open Minds, which is one of the outstanding resources on the internet for people who take a serious interest in this subject. Despite all the fakes, it cannot be forgotten that there is a very real phenomenon out there. People don't realize it yet, but eventually it will come to be seen for what it really is: the single most important thing that has happened in the history of our species. In the end, this denied, derided and ignored subject will change everything.

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Argh pendle hill its the salem of the uk lot of strange stuff seen up there very desolate place

OOOH AHHHH ..... I sent You pictures like this from Galveston and Victoria (Texas) Never saw them Here ....

I have just had a look at the link provided...and there are two issues I have.

Firstly there is the suggestion that the top image is similar to another one, which is shown below...but the image below looks quite clearly to me like the reflection of a desk lamp in a double-glazed window.

Secondly is the top image and the fact that there is an aberration, similar in shape but at 45 degrees to the bright disk shaped light. You would normally only get aberrations like these from extremely bright objects...but based the fact that that the sun is quite bright in this photograph, this seems the likely source, possibly reflected off something out of frame. Or it could be a desk lamp again, this time reflected in a single-glazed window :-)

But if either of those two could be ruled out, then I would be very interested.

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