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UFOs over Japan volcano. Extreme strangeness.

What might be happening in this video is very mysterious. From 1:07 on, the upper left and lower right cameras show anomalies. There are unexplained explosions in the upper left video, and numerous unexplained objects appearing and flashing past in the lower right video. This is highly unusual footage. Graded C.

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This is definitely authentic, but not highly unusual when you consider that UFOs often appear near volcanoes (This has been ongoing for years in Mexico). Odd lights can be seen even in areas of dormant volcanic activity, such as West Texas. I once spent several hours observing the Marfa Lights dancing along the Chinati Mountains, and I began to notice a pattern in the way the lights appeared, merged, split, and disappeared.

The lights in the video are not shooting at anything, but they might possibly be having an influence on the geologic activity. My feeling while observing the Marfa lights was that they were part of the grid of reality that controls geologic activity. How strange is that? This control or manipulation of the geology results also in effects that may be observed as piezoelectricity.

Hmm, very interesting.

At first I thought these light might have been rain drops on the lens, that were slowly falling under gravity...but when I continued looking you can see that at least one of them on the top left image gets slightly obscured by the smoke and then completely dissappears as it goes behind the mountain. Certainly that's what it looks like to me.

I wonder whether these might be some sort of 'Earth lights', generated by the intense pressures on underlying ground that has a high content of quartz? i.e. the piezoelectric effect generating ball lightening?

Also the guy in the vid doesn't seem to make comment on what looks to be light several meteors streaking across the sky on the bottom right picture (unless that is what he is talking about when he mentions 'explosions'). Where did they come from?!

Sorry, Cosmic Librarian - I only read your post after sending mine - I agree with your suggestion about piezoelectricity.

Ignoring the voiceover, it appears to be a 4-hour time-lapse video running from 8 pm to 12 am local time. The fact that Sakurajima is reasonably well lit and the stars are clearly visible as you scrub through the video suggests that it’s shot with long exposure times (it looks like 1 second per frame). That would explain the traffic passing by appearing as streaks, as well as the intermittent flashes as occasional cars’ headlights rake past the long-exposure camera from the right side. The streaks in the sky could then be adequately explained as the same long-exposure effect on regular aircraft. So it looks cool, but unfortunately there’s nothing unexplained in this particular video.

However if you search for other videos from the Kurogamigawa (黒神川) cameras on YouTube, you can find some awesome volcanic activity!

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