Out There

UFOs and implants. Amazing interview, held secret by the interviewee until after his death.

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This is a huge story. Is it possible that the alien abductions and implants are part of a contrived "alien" threat - but are really a high-tech/Big Brother scenario being played out by the shadow government and secret societies?

Here are some of the topics discussed:

- Anomalous UFO experience near Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina

- Intelligence-gathering for a year during the Vietnam war

- Top Secret military work on computer systems and security for National Security interests in the late 1970s and up

- Pioneering work in the most advanced electronic security system with contacts and engineers from Hughes / Buckley International Guard Base, and Lockheed Martin

- Beltway Bandit consulting firm work as contractor: SIC, TradeCorps, EG&G

- Systems from EG&G requested for Tonopah Base, Nevada in underground facilities

- Uncovers new implantable chip technology in 1979 that was usurped by highly credentialed and unknown people for unknown purposes

- Electrogravitic (anti-gravity technologies) and aerospace companies such as Skunkworks in covert programs

- An alternative government who has limitless funds and operates offline and out of sight

- Assassinations to keep classified information from leaking out

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