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UFO taped ejecting bright objects. Most unusual

Until it began ejecting brightly lit objects, this nighttime UFO could have been anything from streelights to signage. But what happens in this video is truly extraordinary. Of course, it's always possible to hoax such things, and a CGI job in this case would be easy to do and hard to detect, but your Out There editor's gut is going with this being a real video of a real unknown.

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Is this not just cars going round a corner whilst others come from around the same corner?!
Bright headlights coming towards and red lights going away.

Ask yourself this question...if you saw some lights in the sky, that then appeared to eject bright objects, why would you not follow those bright objects with the camera?

@GoodCopBadCop - I think you are absolutely correct. The only unknown in this video is which junction the cars are pulling away from and slowing down to approach.

A low grade video at best, in my opinion.

@Sherbet good point regarding the following of the lights.
If this clip is viewed on a big screen it is clear to see that this is a film of traffic.

The rougher quality video, the better chance that its real, IMHO. Why would a car be driving in the sky? unless the viewer were seeing this on the side of a mountain.

I do believe this is a great example of manifested psychism ( hoped I spelled that correct and that term came from C. Jung ie highly educated and great thinker). The mind is a very powerful thing do you not agree? The witness mentioned she had just seen a UFO show on the History Ch.. Whitley has such a strong mind and imagination that he has had so many time slips and tulpa manifestations ( ex. The Master of the Key ) and that happened during the golden hour of around 3:am which has a high correlation ESP events ie weird happenings.

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