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UFO sightings across California

Quite a spate of sightings across California over New Years. We got six reports on Unknowncountry.com's reporting page, and all of them described orange balls of light that hovered, then shot away at high speed. The story sourced here indicates that they were seen up and down the state.

Story Source:

I apparently had five and a half hours of missing time on Tuesday night. I sat down to read at 7:30, then got up a few minutes later to check on Anne, who had gone to bed early. I was stunned to see that it was 1:30. Was I asleep? I don't really know, but if so it was extremely unusual for me. Looking back, it's just a complete gap. Empty. No sense of anything unusual happening.

There were UFO sightings all around the region that night, but I didn't see anything.

I recently took a walk to my neighborhood park and had about an hour of missing time. The walk usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, but this time it took a little over an hour and a half. This was a beautiful clear day and I don't remember anything of note occurring during the walk, other than it was nice and there was a 'timeless' quality about it. My park and the surrounding area are interesting though in terms of history and geography. Without divulging too much, there are springs here, lots of limestone, and an ancient burial ground (most people do not know it is there, and the State archaeologists prefer to keep it that way). Of course, I have had lots of experiences since moving here almost 30 years ago, but I don't ever recall missing time previously. I am not in California, by the way, but in Texas.

Could 2014 be The Year? Let's hope so. ( 'bout time... )

i saw a ufo on 1-7-14 at 11:00 pm over the santa monica bay. i initially thought it was a star but it started getting brighter and i could see it moving to the left. i was standing at 14 th st. and michigan st. looking west over the bay. after watching it a few seconds it jogged to the left and a second after that it was dropping slag. it looked like bright fiery drippings .
then it moved closer towards me and to the left , then stopped, stayed there for a few seconds then started going out to sea till it disappeared. the whole thing lasted about two or three minutes. meanwhile commercial planes were flying right by it and heading towards
LAX airport which is 8 miles away to the south.

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