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UFO sighting confirmed by police report.

We've been asked what it takes for us to grade a video "A." This video is professionally produced, includes a police report recorded while the officer was making a visual observation, and comes from a known source, the National Geographic. We have also independently confirmed the sighting. Graded A.

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Excellent report. Interesting to note the guffaws heard in the background upon the initial report, which undoubtedly continued until 'seeing is believing' kicked in.

One thing that struck me though, while watching this well-produced and credible video, is a sense of possibly an aberration of time when in proximity to the object, which conceivably could cause a sense or state of missing time/missing memory. Our brains tend to attempt to fill the missing gaps with something that provides closure (even if nonsensical), and we are so deeply ingrained with the false notion that time is linear.

Just sayin'...

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