Out There

UFO over the Urals, almost certainly real. We believe this for a strange reason.

The reason is the frantic dog! When UFOs are close by, dogs often become extremely agitated. This would also suggest that there may already be visitors on the ground. It is often true that a close sighting like this is accompanied by ground activities of various kinds. We will try to contact the poster of this video.

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That dog is clearing trying to warn people that there is someone/something dangerous in the area as evidenced by the growling sound in between frantic barking. Obviously there is something that the dog is attempting to warn off and of course the idiot humans simply tell the dog to shut up. When will we ever learn that humans are not the brightest beings out there? I would trust the instincts of a dog any day of the week over a human. Dogs can hear, see and smell far superior to any bipedal creature out there. Perhaps one day we will understand that we as humans have lost touch with the natural world due to the idiot box, Internet and just plain overloading of innocuous baloney that we encounter on a daily basis. I expect that humans as a species will pretty much disappear from the planet in due course because we have allowed ourselves to become ingnorant of the fact that we have created our own path of destruction by no longer trying to understand our only home so far, Planet earth. Time to wake the Hell up humanity even though it may be too late to save ourselves from our own stupid desire to conquer and own everything that we can. Very sad indeed.

I heard a whole chorus of dogs one night in late spring 2009. My friend and I were up about 2:30 a.m., and we both heard it...there was no sounds of sirens beforehand, and it was just plain weird.

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