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UFO over Reagan Airport in Washington

This interesting object was videoed over Reagan Airport in Washington, DC on the 16th. When it's zoomed in, it's clearly not a star or a plane. It's a good video, despite the idiotic commentary.

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I saw no evidence that it couldn't be a distant plane on direct approach. Who is analyzing these videos, high school kids?

If You remove the fake videos, the chinese lantern videos, the led kite videos, the balloon videos, the space junk videos, the airplane videos (like the one above: - it's an airport - planes are approaching - with lights) there are only a few videos left. The interesting ones! It's not even 5% I think. Life is too short for all the blurry spots if You ask me. Too much other stuff is also important. The must serious UFO stuff in my opinion is some credible guy/woman telling his/her story like the Phoenix lighs stories etc. With a video like this You need to ask: "Why is this NOT an approaching airplane?" We have 2 eyes but we only see 1 image. That's because the brain creates the world we see/hear/smell/feels and the brain is not perfect. So getting the grip on the world events is difficult - allmost impossible.

What usually flies above and around airports? Air planes. BobinNJ and Frek have a point...

Any cam corder has both optical and digital zoom features, where after a certain point the digital zoom kicks in; unless you have high end optics or camera, objects especially at night can often become over exposed and blurry. The optics in the camera also can produce a saucer type shape when high zoom is used.

Anyone who owns a simple digital camera can observe this.

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