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UFO over Mexico City...or are these balloons?

This object could easily be a mass of balloons tied together and fitted with light-emitting diodes, but if so, the LEDs are exceptionally bright, and one has to wonder about the weight of the power source. Of course, without knowing the altitude, it's impossible to tell how large the cluster might be. The analysis linked on this story asserts that this cannot be a cluster of balloons, but to your ever-cynical Out There editor, they have made some good points, but not conclusively proved their case.

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Why is it that most of these videos fade in and out of focus so much? It would also be nice if the photographer could give some sense of scale and wind direction when filming.

Despite the assumption that this object is being self-lit, to me it just looks like sunlight reflecting off of a reflective surface. Note that the specularity remains consistently at the lower-left of the object.
The shifting in focus is the camera's autofocus making it's normal adjustments--not everyone knows how to switch their camera to manual focus.
Trying to provide another in-frame object to provide some context for scale not only mightn't have been feasible, it probably wouldn't be of much use, unless the two objects were actually the same distance away from the camera, of which the photographer likely wouldn't be able to determine to begin with.
The blog this was posted on (and I really wish bloggers would stop referring to themselves as news sites) implies that the object was hovering. Again, not all witnesses actually have the presence of mind to check things like wind direction, etc., they're usually too wrapped up in filming the oddity in front of them.
Surprisingly, these videos weren't actually taken on Mar 13, 2012, but rather on Feb 12, 2012, for those wanting to do their own youtube search.

Madd Matt, I completely agree that this looks like the reflection of sunlight. The postulation of LEDs is completely absurd, and it makes you wonder about the powers of observation and analysis of the UC staff (and this isn't nearly the first time those powers appear quite weak.)

Furthermore, this certainly looks like some kind of mylar balloon construct. IMO, these days if an unknown object doesn't display extraordinary maneuvers and/or unexplainably quick appearance/disappearance, we have to first suspect a terrestrial explanation. This isn't skepticism, but just scientific logic. The last thing we should want to be is one of those zealots who interprets every set of distant aircraft landing lights turning toward us as a beamship "powering up"! Unfortunately, that seems to characterize a fair percentage of the so-called UFO community.

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